Counterweight Productions aims to be a leading source of strategy and creative ideas to organizations and corporations whose mission and behavior is driven by long-term shareholder value. Counterweight wishes to help these organizations be stronger and more competitive to thus create a safer, more equitable planet in which everyone has, at minimum, access to the basics of food, shelter, water free from exploitation.

Counterweight Productions aims to become a leading creator of long-term stakeholder value via artful, values-based, ethical communication.

Counterweight is attuned to the challenges, solutions and competitive advantages that can be gained from focused, informed, and creative strategy.

Counterweight pledges a minimum of 10% of annual profit towards ending scarcity.


We believe that there are sufficient resources for the well-being of all and that the application of science, technology, and ethical rules can negate scarcity.

We believe that our values have shifted away from a broad concern for the general well-being. Instead, focus has turned to increasing the personal wealth of a relatively limited number of individuals and an emphasis on short-term profit. This narrow focus pays lip service to promoting the health, safety, and security of communities. In substance, many organizations implement policies that undermine concern for others and actively foster the opposite results.

We believe in educating and motivating those who use the argument of scarcity to hoard and to inspiring and motivating the exercise of natural compassion.