In 1971, a teenager whose life is falling apart determines to discover what actually happened his father wh was murdered 15 years before. Based on a true story, the narrative ultimately shatters the tension between fact and fiction but not before taking the audience on a rollicking journey through the culture wars of the 1960s to today.


In 1941, fear and faith collide when a 21 year old Jesuit missionary from Jersey City awakens to the sound of invading Japanese warplanes over Manila harbor. Thrown into a detention camp for westerners this journey of a meek and faithful spirit is set against the sweep of world events and a lasting tie to the Filipino resistance that sustained and helped liberate him.


From Jennifer Heil

McCallMcBain Foundation

A young Bangladeshi surfer in a Muslim based society, a Jamaican swimmer in a predominantly white sport, and a Brazil soccer player talented yet virtually invisible in a country that sees soccer as a boy’s sport are brought together through this film.These trailblazers are challenging cultural norms and shifting how they are valued in their societies.