T A R G E T E D  I N T E R V I E W S

CARLOS ALBERTO TORRES is a football legends. Carlos captained Brazil to victory in the 1970 World Cup and was also captain of the NY Cosmos. He was Pelé’s teammate at Santos, the Brazil national team and the NY Cosmos.

ALEXANDRE TORRES is Carlos Alberto’s son. Alexandre was a Série A player in Brazil before moving to Japan where he played for Nagoya. He is currently an executive in a family sports marketing company and has scouted for a famous Premier League club.

DIEGO TORRES, Alexandre’s son and Carlos Alberto’s grandson, was a youth player in Japan where his father starred for five years. Diego was educated in England and, at age 28, became the CEO of RT4 Sports Management in Rio.. In 2013-2014, he traveled extensively with his grandfather making appearances around the world. Diego is connected to football royalty via his grandfather and through his own involvement in the global business off football.

FRANZ BECKENBAUER is a German football coach, manager, and former championship player. He was Carlos Alberto’s teammate on the NY Cosmos and great friend. Beckenbauer remains influential in the German and international football scene.

PELÉ is the most recognized name in football worldwide. He is a friend and teammate of Carlos Alberto’s on Brazil’s famed 1970 world championship team.

RAFAEL MOURA is a Série A Brazil star player at FC Internacional in Porto Alegre. Moura was coached earlier in his career by Carlos Alberto.

ZICO is a revered figure in Brazil and is considered by many to be the best Brazilian player ever, second only to Pelé or Garrincha. Zico led Flamengo for over a decade to four national championships and two major International cups, while playing on three World Cup teams. Zico has served as a special advisor to the Brazil National team, has played in Japan and coached around the world. Zico's legacy  includes social impact in the favelas of Rio via his foundation Zico 10 and popularity beyond Brazil, in places like Japan and France.