T A R G E T E D  I N T E R V I E W S

TOMAS LICO MARTIN is a civil engineer, business administrator and consultant, a self-described “rich guy” who was elected four times to be Vice President of the SC Corinthians Paulista, the current FIFA World Club Champion from São Paulo. Tomas, and a counterpart at Flamengo, the nationally popular team from Rio, will take us into the world of the Brazilian club system. Corinthians and Flamengo are two of the oldest clubs in Brazil and we will learn about their history and operation. Their rich history parallels the evolution of futebol in Brazil.

GAVIOES DA FIEL is the largest Corinthians fan club. Gavioes da Fiel is headquartered in a poor neighborhood of São Paulo. Members vow to be willing to die for their team.

SOCRATES is the Corinthians and national team legend who became one of the top players in the world. Socrates had an unusual education for a futbol star, having trained as a medical doctor. He was a vocal leader in the democratic player movement at Corinthians during the late 70’s.

RAÍ played on the national team for over a decade and for Corinthian cross-town rival, São Paulo. He will share his candid views on Série A futbol in Brazil and futbol’s central role in Brazilian society. Raí will speak about his older brother, Socrates, the former Corinthians captain, who died tragically of alcoholism in 2011.

FILIPE MASSA is a Brazilian Formula One racing driver and the first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna to win the Brazil Grand Prix. Filipe is a supporter of Corinthians.

THE CORINTHIANS HALL OF FAME MUSEUM and the national Museu do Futbol in São Paulo will provide access to historic images and artifacts to illustrate our story.

ZICO is a revered figure in Brazil and considered one of the best Brazilian player ever, after Pelé or Garrincha. Zico led Flamengo for over a decade to four national championships and two major International cups, while playing on three World Cup teams. We will explore Zico's social impact in the favelas of Rio via his foundation Zico10 and his popularity beyond Brazil, in places like Japan and France.

LULA is the former President of Brazil and staunch Corinthians supporter. He was accused of favoring Corinthians while in office.

ROBERTO RIVELINO is ranked as one the top 100 players of all time. He was a Corinthians idol and teammate of Pelé and Carlos Alberto on the 1970 World Champion squad.