We believe that our planet has the capacity to yield resources sufficient for the wellbeing of all, and that science and technology provide the means to prevent shortages by converting undeveloped resources into valuable assets. Counterweight Productions intends to challenge the presiding belief that the world does not have enough to go around.

We are committed to the end of global scarcity and, especially, to educating and motivating those who use the argument of scarcity to restrain natural compassion towards themselves and others.

We believe that business values have shifted in recent decades away from a broad concern for the general wellbeing of citizens affected by Corporate actions. Instead, focus has turned to increasing the personal wealth of a relatively limited number of individuals with an emphasis on quarterly short-term profit. This narrow focus pays lip service to promoting the wellbeing of employees, consumers, and communities in which these companies operate. in substance, many corporations employ policies and practices that undermine historic values and actively achieve the opposite results.


Counterweight aims to become a leading provider of strategy and creative content to companies committed to combating global scarcity and ensuring that everyone has, at minimum, access to the basics of food, shelter, and water.

Propelled by an award-winning team in finance, acquisition, sales, and production, Counterweight Productions intends to become a leading creator of long-term stakeholder value via artful, values-based, ethical communication.

Counterweight pledges a minimum of 10% of annual profit towards wiping out scarcity.